On a very hot and humid day, around 200 adults and children arrived to participate in our annual Christingle Carol Service.  Everyone sang heartedly, listened to the readings, enjoyed the items presented by the Anglican Singers, the youth choir led by Sister Anne, the Scottish dancers and the Community Choir who sang the “Hallelujah Chorus” magnificently.    All our singing was accompanied by Sister Anne (from our local Roman Catholic church) and her orchestra.   We watched two film clips about the birth of Jesus, and our speaker on the evening was Pastor Tim Attwood from the Maclean Evangelical church

who brought us a message which sent us home reflecting on our lives.   A highlight of the evening was when the children, dressed in costumes, walked down the aisle of the church carrying their Christingle oranges – always such a beautiful sight.        The ladies provided a large spread of food for supper – many hungry folk soon devoured just about everything.


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