The Anglican or Church of England denomination (as it was known then) came to Maclean in 1883. The efforts of the small Anglican congregation to build a church in Maclean were finally rewarded . A site was obtained in a good position in Wharf Street. Originally the Anglican and Catholic churches were less than 100 yards apart. The new church was ready for opening on 17th February 1884 – seating 120 people. In 1962 the old wooden church was relocated to the bottom of the block to allow the building of a new brick building to replace the wooden church which became the church hall.


The first church was built in Little High Street in 1876 and seated 35 people – it was always overcrowded in holiday time. Twenty years later it was moved to the corner of Pilot and Clarence Streets, the top of High Street. The next church was built in 1941 on the top of the hill – opposite The Pacific Hotel – with a residence behind the church on the same block. The present church was opened and blessed by Bishop Arthur on 1st November 1972. The present church is now joined to the eating room – previously a courtyard separated these two buildings. The altar from the old church was retained and placed in the new church.


Before any churches were built in Iluka, monthly services were held at the Fishing Co-operative. Mrs. Bassiere donated a block of land in Charles Street and on 19th May 1911 a church was licensed for divine services. The church was a very small building seating about 30 people. In March 1977 the Bowling Club House was moved down to a block of land next to the old church – it was to become the new St. Peter’s. Over time and lots of hard work the club house was converted into a church The building proved to be very suitable with its kitchen, store rooms, stage and large toilet facilities.